Type III (Formerly Type II) formicaria have the following features in common:

  • All crafted using our original proprietary blend of materials
  • Sand-coated chambers using our proprietary in-house methods, our formicaria contain no adhesives or glues in the manufacturing process.
  • Destructive ants such as Messor spp., Solenopsis spp., and Pogonomyrmex spp. (to name a few) have a more difficult time chewing through this material when compared to Ytong. 
  • Offer vertical and horizontal style formicaria.  Inception Chambers, Atom formicaria, and the Labyrinth offer a top-down view of your ants in molded, sand-coated chambers. Other formicaria like the Phalanx, Pioneer, Mini Hearth present a side view and allow ants to hang upside down and move up and down between foraging area and nest.
  • Please check our blog page (Ant Home) for updates on the changes made to our Type III (formerly Type II) formicaria in 2018.