Type III (Formerly Type II) formicaria have the following features in common:

  • Tested thoroughly (visit our YouTube channel or Facebook Group for visuals of live ants in our habitats).  Since 2011, we have been evolving with our community of users and testing the habitats you see here constantly for improvements and new versions.  You will not find an ant keeping based company more dedicated to studying and refining techniques and methods for keeping ants as pets!  From the feeding to the housing, we are involved deeply in our hobby behind the scenes.
  • All crafted using our original proprietary blend of materials
  • Sand-coated chambers using our proprietary in-house methods, our formicaria contain no adhesives or glues in the manufacturing process.
  • Destructive ants such as Messor spp., Solenopsis spp., and Pogonomyrmex spp. (to name a few) have a more difficult time chewing Type III material when compared to Type I.
  • Offer vertical and horizontal style formicaria.  Inception Chambers, Atom formicaria, and the Labyrinth offer a top-down view of your ants in molded, sand-coated chambers. Other formicaria like the Phalanx, Pioneer, Mini Hearth present a side view and allow ants to hang upside down and move up and down between foraging area and nest.