Ready-To-Ship Ant Bundles Information

NOTE: Weather can delay ANY order that includes ants.  Please check your local weather in between Raleigh, NC if you anticipate any issues with fast delivery.  General guidelines we follow are using ice or heat packs, and insulated boxes unless temperatures are a constant 45-80 degrees during travel.

Ant Colonies and Queen Ants Delivered Fast - Read On...

Before purchasing one of the bundles on our website, please take a moment to understand the times of completion for the bundles.  These are described on each bundle page.  Summarizing, a custom made formicarium takes around 2-3 weeks to complete, but there are options for getting a bundle shipped fast.  That is the goal of this page!

We regularly stock the Ready-To-Ship Pages on our website.  For most ant bundles, the formicaria offered are Mini Hearths and Fallen Fortresses (and Fortresses).  Use the underlined, blue links in this paragraph to navigate these pages and see what is currently in stock.  If you see a Mini Hearth that you like, write down the number written in the title (Ex: Mini Hearth (Black 101)).  You will type this number in the comments box during the checkout process. 


For example, to order a Camponotus discolor/decipiens bundle with a Mini Hearth from the Ready-To-Ship Pages section,  type in the model number in the comments section during checkout.  This is a box where text can be added as a note to your order.  In addition, it is recommended that you email us or call us ( or 919-348-3642) to confirm this submission went through correctly).  For example, you would write, "Please Use Ready To Ship Mini Hearth Black 101 for this order" in the comments box. 

If we have any questions we will usually call or email (on very rare occasions another customer in person in our store may purchase a model and a substitution is in order).

Here are the steps once again:

  • Go through the bundle options and add the package to your shopping cart. 

  • During the checkout process, look for the comments section, and type in your model number in that window.  Also, email this to or call us to confirm we see the notation.

  • Read on for more important details please

A couple of important notes:

The Mini Hearth base cost with the package is $39.99-$43.99.  The Fallen Fortress/Fortress is $75.99.  If the model you are choosing is higher than this total, we would ask you use the Custom Fees to add the needed additional funds to your shopping cart.  The Custom Fees are located on our Accessories Page as the first product listed.  For example:  Fallen Fortress 101 has a Museum Quality Box and is $135.99 ($60 over the allotted $75.99 for the package).  You would need to go to the custom fees and add $60 to the shopping cart.  Make a notation of this action in the comments box during checkout when typing in your model number!

SHIPPING TIMES - Now that your package is ordered, and this is officially a Ready-To-Ship package order, this is our process in determining when it ships:

1. Move ants into shipping containers, which takes 1-2 days on average.  This is the best way to ensure all eggs transfer and the ants are safe during transit.

2. Shipping on the next available day will now occur.  For most of the U.S., we ship ants on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday.  There are some exceptions, mainly when you live close to us in state or in a neighboring state.  Shipping times to NC residents and lower VA, upper SC, is usually one day travel once dropped off.  These can be shipped safely almost any day depending on weather conditions.  If you live in California, sometimes the shipping can be 3-4 days instead of the quoted 2-3, so we avoid shipping Wed-Fri to those locations unless Express or Air Mail is chosen as the shipping option.  In summary, we fight to get you your ants safely and quickly, always prioritizing safety when weather or delays may occur.