Tar Heel Ants is a full-service ant keeping supply store located in Raleigh, North Carolina in the United States of America.  We research, test, design, manufacture, and sell all of our formicaria (ant nests, ant farms, etc.) on location here at Tar Heel Ants workshops.  Our goal is to provide ant keepers worldwide with the best naturalistic formicaria possible along with an array of other materials and supplies for the ant keeping enthusiast as well as educational institutions.  

As of April 2018 we now have a storefront located at 3209 Gresham Lake Rd. Unit 125, Raleigh, NC 27615.  Call for an appointment (919) 348-3642 and hours.

In early 2012 selling a single formicarium design and since has grown to provide a number of formicaria lines such as the Nuclues, Hearth, and Inception lines of formicaria.  We also work closely with several educational institutions, museums, and other entities to provide formicaria products for ant keeping and help spread the knowledge of raising and keeping ants as pets in general.


Tar Heel Ants makes custom formicaria.  This means we keep no stock unless the item is located on our Immediate Shipping pages (please read this page for details).  By ordering custom formicaria from our website you are entering into an agreement with us to make your custom formicaria for the charges paid for at the time of ordering.  The custom nature of our business means that completion times can be longer than stated on the product pages.  This is noted frequently throughout the website.  Please contact us via email or phone (919) 348-3642 if you have questions or problems with receiving an order.  Email is preferred to allow us to track inquiries better.  Once orders are submitted refunds are not possible in most cases.  We order supplies and begin work immediately and for the Immediate Shipping Pages we ship these often within hours of receiving the orders.  Also, due to the sensitive nature of the pets our products support, we cannot resell return items in most cases and thus only allow returns on defective products. 

Express and Expedited Orders

For all expedited and express shipping we recommend you contact us directly via email or phone (919-348-3642) to let us know of the need to receive items quickly.  We do not ship every day and being a small business with fairly high volume express shipping is best done with direct communications.  Please let us know if we can help answer questions about receiving orders quickly!!! Our email is  


We are very active in keeping ant colonies and continuing to enjoy and learn from raising ants of a variety of sizes and species.  While we do not sell ants on our website (legal sale of ants in the U.S. is very limited) we do upload ant keeping videos to our YouTube channel and blog (link is on our home page) with articles on methods detailing how to start and keep pet ant colonies and queens on your own.  Always follow the principles of good ecological conservation when obtaining your ant colonies.

We ship our products anywhere the mail will reach and we have shipped to many countries around the world including Canada, Australia, China, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, and many more.  Our packaging is carefully done to ensure items arrive in perfect condition and all international packages are insured.  Please check  your local shipping regulations for customs fees and import taxes.  We do not pay this in advance for you with your order.  

We are able to ship large orders to most destinations and if you wish to become a distributor of our products in your country please contact us at for more information.


Mack Pridgen, owner, Tar Heel Ants, 11/5/2015