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The formicaria found on the following pages ship within 2-3 business days after ordering (unless otherwise noted).  It is our goal to help you get formicaria to you quickly so check back here frequently! 

Mini Hearths

The Mini Hearths that are available for fast shipping are found on the links below.  Please take a moment to read this article, Mini Hearths Uncovered.  This brief blog article is aimed at helping you find the best Mini Hearth formicarium for your ants.

  Mini Hearth (Modular)

Mini Hearth (Custom Colors)

Mini Hearth (XL Version)

Mini Hearth (Originals)

Mini Hearth(Bifurcated)

Mini Hearth (Glow Designs) 

Mini Hearth (Ytong)

Mini Hearth(Tiny/Small Species) 

Mini Hearth (Modular Duo Combos)


Mini Hearth (Modular Trio Combinations)


Other Formicaria


Fortress/ XL Expansion Set (Updated 3/31)

Fallen Fortress 

(Updated 5/11)

Labyrinth (Sold Out)

Nucleus 360 (9x5x4)

Fortress Type III


Fortress Type I 

Foraging Areas 


Foraging Areas - Round Table 


(Updated 5/11)

Nucleus III 


Inception Chamber 




(Updated 5/11)

 These products are updated as often as we have new "ready-made" products available.  These items ship within 2-3 business days after ordering.