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    The Mini Hearth XXL is the the next size up in our line of Mini Hearth and Hearth formicaria.  This version, which features a cast acrylic foraging area with magnetically attached lid (see photos) for the top-mounted foraging area, fits in between the XL Mini Hearth (4.5 inches wide) and the Hearth formicarium (8 inches wide).  This is a premium formicarium, using the best materials in combination to bring you a unique size and feature-set in our newest formicarium.

    Dimensions :  6.5" x 2.5" x 2"

    What is new for the XXL Mini Hearth?

    Scratch resistant and high clarity foraging area (see photos) made of cast acrylic.  Lid is magnetically attached.  This makes the removal of the lid for maintenance easier. The Removable Vent is now an option for this Mini Hearth Version.

    The Mini Hearth XXL has a larger chamber, allowing for multiple style options (see photos below) to customize the interior of your Mini Hearth XXL.  The options are Large Single Chamber, Two Chamber, Three Chamber.  Throw in the options for adding stalactites (and some new options for size and frequency of stalactites) and stones in the ceiling of the chamber and you have quite a few combinations to choose from for your XXL design.


    Other Features:

    • XL Water Tower
    • 2 Nestmates
    • Magnetic Ports on each short side for attaching other Mini Hearth Modular Units.  All Mini Hearths, Mini Hearth XLs, and Mini Hearth XXLs will magnetically connect on each end.  (NOTE: This does not include the bifurcated Mini Hearth).
    • THA Proprietary Type III material, our hardest nest material.
    • Painted side panels
    • Decor Options (see options)
    • Museum Glass (optional)
    • Tiny and Small Ant Modifications (optional-see below)
    • 3/8" ports on each short end for connecting to other habitats

    What comes with the Mini Hearth XXL?  2 Nestmates, 3 stoppers (3/8"), Syringe and blunt tip adapter, Feeding Dish


    A third set of magnets is added when this option is checked. These additional magnets (see photos) are in the middle of the formicarium and help to ensure small debris does not filter down in between the glass (not an issue with medium and large ant species) and create smaller gaps for tiny workers to slip through.

    The chamber sizes will be smaller from top to bottom (see below) to make the interior nest size more amenable to the smaller inhabitants of the XXL.  As always, we urge for tiny ant species the use of the Bifurcated Mini Hearth as this is our best Mini Hearth version for the containment of tiny ants.  Small ant species such as Lasius spp., most Pheidole sp.., and Prenolepis imparis are well suited to the Mini Hearth, XL Mini Hearth, and XXL Mini Hearth versions as they are not considered "tiny" ants and are well adapted to this type of setup.

    Photos Of Chamber Style Options

    Rocky and Stalactite Ceiling

    Three Chamber Design

    (Recommended for Small Ant Formicaria)

    Two Chamber Design

    Single, Large Chamber Design


    Times To Complete:

    Normal time to complete are similar to other Mini Hearths, between 2-3 weeks during normal business seasons and longer during peak seasons (Summer and November/December).  If you are placing an order for 5+ units, please email us for a quote on time to complete. 

XXL Mini Hearth

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