• XXL Mini Hearth (251 Black)(GLOW)

    Tar Heel Ants

  • $ 95.99

  • Description

     For more information on the Mini Hearth XXL click here.

    ***This is a GLOW formicarium.  The interior is coated with a glow in the dark substrate, safe for ants, and best illuminated using a blacklight.*** (+10)


    • XL Water Tower
    • Cast Acrylic Foraging Area (with magnetic lid)
    • 2 Nestmates
    • Magnetic Ports on each short side for attaching other Mini Hearth Modular Units.  
    • THA Proprietary Type III material, our hardest nest material.
    • Painted side panels
    • Museum Glass (optional)
    • 3/8" ports on each short end for connecting to other habitats

    What comes with the Mini Hearth XXL?  2 Nestmates, 3 stoppers (3/8"), Syringe and blunt tip adapter,  Feeding Dish


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