• XXL Mini Hearth 121 (Aqua Green)

    Tar Heel Ants

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    ***GLOW = A special Glow-In-The-Dark coating is applied to this formicarium interior that has special properties.  This material will glow in normal lighting after a sufficient charge of light is applied (30 minutes recommended) or by using black light.  Black light is recommended to bring out the full color and strength of the materials properties and offers a better charge once the lights are turned off as well.  This material is ant-safe and has been used for many years as a formicarium material at Tar Heel Ants.*** (+15)


    • Glow Interior Nest (Aqua Blue)(+15)
    • XL Water Tower
    • Cast Acrylic Foraging Area (with magnetic lid)
    • 2 Nestmates
    • Magnetic Ports on each short side for attaching other Mini Hearth Modular Units.  
    • THA Proprietary Type III material, our hardest nest material.
    • Painted side panels
    • Museum Glass (optional)
    • 3/8" ports on each short end for connecting to other habitats

    What comes with the Mini Hearth XXL?  2 Nestmates, 3 stoppers (3/8"), Syringe and blunt tip adapter,  Feeding Dish


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