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    *****For return users of The Complete Ant Juice Ant Food Supplement all of the orginal food is still included exactly as before as far as ingredients (increased quantities).  Using the included instructions (PDF emailed after shipping) 10 14g doses can be prepared for each order (using our recommended portions) or you can mix your own based on the needs of your colony and species at the time of feeding.

    Food supplement for ants.  Not intended as a stand alone food source.  Confirmed to be accepted (via customer feedback) by ant colonies world-wide with over 65+ species!

    Each order includes the following:

    1 bag of sugar (20g)

    1 bag of protein (10g)

    Mixing bottle (optional)

     ***The Seed Oils Are No Longer Part of This Product***

     Watch this video for a demonstration of a Formica subsericea colony feeding on this food supplement:

    The complete ant juice is a food supplement for use with ant colonies of any genus.  The food supplement comes in three separate packages (2 powder and one oil).

    The parts are organic seed oils, whey protein, and sucrose.  Each portion can be varied with a different combination of each ingredient based on the immediate needs of your colonies and as well as by genus/species.  We recommended mixture of 2:1 protein to sugars and instructions for achieving this mixture.

    Although it has been reported that this food supplement is sufficient for some species of ants as a stand-alone diet, it is not recommended as a general rule of feeding ant colonies to stick with only one food source.  Our personal experience, discussions with those involved in ant diet research, along with reviewing published research tells us that ants (in general) need a variety of food sources to maintain healthy brood and optimal growth rates in captivity.  Other foods such as crickets, mealworms, Drosophila melanogaster and hydeii (flightless versions for easy feeding), organic apples and other fruits are good for keeping your ants with a healthy and varied diets.  For online ordering of feeder insects we recommend this website as it has received great reviews from many of our customers.  (http://www.joshsfrogs.com/).

    (labeling and complete nutritional information is included)




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