• XL Labyrinth (BF Black 907)(MQ BOX)(Bundle)

    Tar Heel Ants

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    ***This is a Black Friday/Holiday Sales Formicarium***

    ***Canyon Style Foraging Area - Aerie Style Foraging Area Large Box - This formicarium has a modified foraging area.  The raised areas are for feeding dishes and to provide more areas for your ants to climb and explore.***(+100)

     ***This Formicarium includes Museum Glass!  This is normally a $40 upgrade for this formicarium, but included as part of the Holiday 2023 Sales!***

    ***MQ Box- 15x7x7" Box.  This formicarium is made using a Museum Quality Foraging Box (Cast Acrylic - Scratch resistant, higher clarity, magnetically removable lid)***+125

    ***This formicarium comes with a Mini Hearth XL of your choice (design).  Please detail your options for color and decor in the comments box during checkout.***(+70)

    *This product is ready to ship.  Ordering this product you will receive the exact formicarium in the photo.*

    See the XL Labyrinth formicarium original product page here.

    The XL Labyrinth is a much larger version (80 square inches of space versus 35) of the Labyrinth formicarium.  Dual Foraging Areas will allow for more controlled feeding experiences and opportunities to disconnect and clean foraging areas without losing the ability to feed.  Tempting your favorite ant colonies with some sweets or treats in one foraging area is a great way to find a chance to clean the other!  


    • Medium/Large Species Chambers
    • Dimensions 8x10" Nest (200mm x 250mm) 
    • 15x6x7 Museum Quality Cast Acrylic Box.
    • Water Towers - 3 ***XL Water Towers Included***
    • 2 nestmates
    • Removable Vent (Optional)
    • Museum Glass (Optional)
    • Color (See Photo)
    • Decor (See Photo)
XL Labyrinth (BF Black 907)(MQ BOX)(Bundle)

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