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    The XL Labyrinth is larger version of the Labyrinth and Mini Labyrinth.  These formicaria have a horizontal layout where your ants are viewed from the top-down perspective.   This type of formicarium is recommended for certain species that are notorious for blocking the glass with debris, such as Pogonomyrmex spp., Aphaenogaster spp., and some Camponotus species.  This top-down view is optimal for photo and video experiences with your pet ants.


    • 8x10 inch nest (Nearly 2.5 times as large as the Labyrinth formicarium)
    • Proprietary Type III Material
    • Hand-Molded Chambers, 100% custom made
    • 2  8"x4"x4" foraging areas with customizable themes OR 1 Foraging Box.  Please select choice with the drop-down menu below.
    • Optional nestmates in the nest area.
    • 1 1/2" ports in each the foraging area boxes
    • 3+ water towers (optional)
    • Museum Glass Optional

    Here are some links to the individual options videos: 

    Interior Nest Colors 

    Exterior Nest Colors


    Décor Style

     ***Please NOTE!  This formicarium is a hand-made formicarium made 100% in our workshop in Raleigh, NC.  During normal periods it takes between 3-5 weeks to complete, longer times are possible during peak seasons.  If you want this formicarium expedited for a small upcharge, please contact us at tarheelants@gmail.com

XL Labyrinth

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