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    Tar Heel Ants

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    We have redesigned the Talus, one of our original founding formicaria from previous years.  Here are some new features.  Please remember the Talus is not designed for very small or tiny ant species and we recommend Inception Chambers and Bifurcated Mini Hearths for these ants (or other nests made specifically for tiny ants - email us for suggestions).

    • Additional magnet underneath for super-tight hold
    • Optional removable/movable decor (stone and wood, substrate choice included) (see photo)
    • Stalactites
    • Optional Nestmates

    Watch the following short video on the assembly of your Talus (Modular version).  We will post video updates from time to time so please subscribe to our YouTube channel!


    What does the Talus come with?

    Small bag of substrate for the floor (your choice), Silicone Plug, Container, Lid for container, Nest block, magnet, and feeding dish

    The Talus, (Modular version):

    1.  The substrate flooring is now where the ants forage. 

    2.  One strong magnet holds the nest in place from below the Talus.  In the photos and video you will see two smaller magnets that are no longer used and the new setup is preferable using only one magnet underneath.

    Other features:

    • Founding Chambers made with three types of substrate (choice in drop-down menu below) and sized to the species you plan on keeping (also drop-down menu choice).
    • Water Towers for hydration are positioned inside the Talus Chamber and fillable via hydration tube on the outside of the formicarium (watch the video above for demonstration of this).   
    • Stainless steel mesh ventilation on the lid
    • Friction fitting lid to contain even the tiniest of species. 

     ***Please NOTE!  This formicarium, like all of our other formicaria, are hand-made-to-order.  Time, preparation, and a lot of care go into every single formicaria, every single order.  We strive to get your orders completed as soon as we can but as volume of orders picks up during the busy seasons (November, December and May to September) we cannot meet our normal quoted shipping times.  Please order in advance if possible to give us time to get your formicaria shipped in time to meet your needs. ***

    ***Each Talus takes 7-14 days (average) to complete before being shipped.  We make everything to order, unless otherwise stated.  Please note this time during our busy season can increase dramatically (up to 3 weeks sometimes).  Please contact us at tarheelants@gmail.com for more details on completion and delivery times.***


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