• Stronghold (Custom 5)

    Tar Heel Ants

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    See this Stronghold link for more information about this formicarium.

    Why the Stronghold?

    The Stronghold formicarium is twice the exactly twice the size of the Fortress formicarium with double the nest space and two foraging areas.  Aside from the obvious benefit of more space to expand your colonies living areas, the dual foraging areas of this formicarium provide a very different opportunity of interacting and maintaining your ants feeding areas.  Based on observation and experiences over long periods of use, dual foraging areas makes maintenance of your ant colonies easier.


    • Black Exterior/White Interior
    • Type I Material
    • Small/Medium Species
    • Desert Mountain Decor
    • Museum Glass Optional - 95% glare reduction (Shown in photo)
    • Removable Vent optional

    What comes in the box?  Stronghold formicarium (as seen in photos), 2 nestmates, mini liquid feeder, 2 stoppers, feeding dish, syringe for hydration.

Stronghold (Custom 5)

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