• Serenity (Create-Your-Own)

    Tar Heel Ants

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    This formicarium has the exact same possible features as the other "Black Friday Serenity" formicarium found here.  The customized container for the Serenity formicarium (value $125) is included free with this order.  In addition you will receive a Mini Hearth formicarium FREE.  Please use comments box at the end of checkout to give us your choice of Mini Hearth options.  Using the options below this Serenity formicarium (15x6x7) can be customized to your liking.  Email us at tarheelants@gmail.com to give us your specifications OR use the comments field during checkout.


    • 2 Water Towers
    • 2 4"x5" (100mm x 125mm) nest sections (expandable using removable plug)
    • Museum Glass Panels
    • Museum Quality Box (15x6x7 world)
    • Magnetically removable lid
    • Optional Decor Style (use options below)
    • Optional carving size (use options below)
    Watch the following YouTube playlist for more information on Tar Heel Ants formicarium options:
    Here are some links to the individual options videos: 
Serenity (Create-Your-Own)

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