• Nucleus Type I Custom (Light Sand/Bone)

    Tar Heel Ants

  • $ 145.00

  • Description

    *Ready for fast shipping (depending on any custom requests)


    • Light Sand Interior, Bone Exterior
    • INCLUDED: 2 nestmates
    • INCLUDED: Premium Desert Foraging Area 
    • Medium/Large Species Design
      • Two-Sided
        • Magnetically Removable Glass Covers
          • Sand-Coated Tunnels and Chambers
            • Museum Glass Optional/Removable Vent Optional

            Museum Glass - 95% glare reduction glass, also known as "invisible glass"

            Removable Vent - A second lid on the first lid, removable via magnets for easy feeding and lessens disturbance during maintenance

            Nucleus Type I Custom (Light Sand/Bone)

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