• Nucleus Type I Custom (Black/White)

    Tar Heel Ants

  • $ 145.00

  • Description

    *Ready for fast shipping (depending on any custom requests)


    ***Note: For Stability Options this Nucleus foraging area DOES NOT REMOVE.  All other Nucleus models on our website have magnetically removable foraging areas unless otherwise noted.  This model is recommended for those who prefer a stronger unit connection for various reasons.

    • White Interior, Black Exterior
    • INCLUDED: 2 nestmates
    • INCLUDED: Premium Grassland Foraging Area 
    • Medium/Large Species Design
      • Two-Sided
        • Magnetically Removable Glass Covers
          • Sand-Coated Tunnels and Chambers
            • Museum Glass Optional/Removable Vent Optional

            Museum Glass - 95% glare reduction glass, also known as "invisible glass"

            Removable Vent - A second lid on the first lid, removable via magnets for easy feeding and lessens disturbance during maintenance

            Nucleus Type I Custom (Black/White)

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