• Nucleus III (HL 107 Dark Green 1)

    Tar Heel Ants

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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holiday Sales Formicarium

    ***Free Mini Hearth Included (35.99 - $60.00 value)***

    ***Please leave details of Mini Hearth in checkout fields during checkout or email questions to tarheelants@gmail.com***

    ***If you are ordering the product on this page you will receive the formicarium shown in the photos along with any options you choose***

    This product ships in 2-3 business days from the time your order is completed.

    For more information on the Nucleus III click here.

    Nucleus III habitat
    nestmates and plugs
    syringe and adapter tip


    • 2 nestmates (+5)
    • 3 water towers
    • Dark Green Side Panels
    • Desert Mountain Decor
    • Medium/Large Species Design
    • Double-Sided
    • Magnetically Removable Glass Covers
    • White Sand-Coated Tunnels and Chambers
    • Museum Glass Optional/Removable Vent Optional
Nucleus III (HL 107 Dark Green 1)

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