• Nucleus III (Bone BF3)(Bundle)(Small Ants)

    Tar Heel Ants

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    ***PLEASE READ: This formicarium was created specifically for tiny/small ant species.  Extra care went into the creation of this formicarium to further eliminate any and all gaps where tiny ants may slip out.  Please use rubber plugs (included), push your lids down (also included), and use fluon barriers as well.***

    ***This is a Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2023 Formicarium Bundle****

    ***The Nucleus on this page comes with a Mini Hearth Type III formicarium.  Use the options to add features to your Mini Hearth.  If you do not want these options, select No or None on each drop-down menu.***

    ***If you are ordering the product on this page you will receive the formicarium shown in the photos along with any options you choose***


    For more information on the Nucleus III click here.

    Nucleus III habitat
    Mini Hearth formicarium (detail in comments)
    nestmates and plugs
    syringe and adapter tip
    • The Nucleus III is our proprietary Type III material
    • Optional Museum Glass
    • Optional Removable Vent (Lid on a lid, exposes a 1" opening)
    • 3 Water Towersfor long term hydration
    • 2 Nestmates for drinking water inside the nest area (Included at no additional charge for this formicarium)
    • one 3/8" connection port
Nucleus III (Bone BF3)(Bundle)(Small Ants)

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