• Nucleus 360 Type III Bundle (Beige 3018)

    Tar Heel Ants

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  • Description

    ***XL Mini Hearth Included in this Package***

    This package includes the following:
    • Nucleus 360 (Seen In Photos)
    • Decor Style - Premium Decor (+$10)
    • Mini Hearth XL (please detail any options you may want in the comments field when checking out).  Glow or Vermiculite interior options will add more time prior to shipping your package.
    • Medium to Large Species Tunnels and Chambers (NOTE: This formicarium is rated for the smallest of ant species - Meaning even tiny ants can be contained within the nest due to the building methods".
    • All accessories for the formicaria including nestmates, plugs, syringes, etc.


    • Large, 4 sided formicarium (all four sides connect "underground")
    • Connectable to other habitats using a 3/8" port located on one of the short sides (not shown in photos)
    • Sand-coated interior chambers
    • Removable Glass Covers (museum glass optional) w/magnets
    • Large Water Towers (Screen covered apparatus inside habitat for humidity)
    • Magnetically removable  foraging area lid
    • Dimensions:  9x5x5  225mm x 125mm x 125mm

    Click here to view our Nucleus III formicarium, the main formicarium the 360 is designed from.

Nucleus 360 Type III Bundle (Beige 3018)

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