• Mini Labyrinth (Lime 104 Vermiculite)

    Tar Heel Ants

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    For a full description of the Tar Heel Ants Labyrinth formicarium click here.
    ***By ordering this product you will receive the exact formicarium shown in the accompanying photos***

    vent lid.***

    NEW FEATURE: Replacing the normal sand-coated interior, this formicarium has a vermiculite interior.  Vermiculite has special properties of moisture retention.  For years it has been used as an incubation material for captive breeding of reptiles.  It also has a naturalistic look, a darker substrate with some shiny flecks that appear in some types of soil underground. (+$15).

    This smaller version of the Labyrinth formicarium.  The Labyrinth formicarium is a 4"x6" (100mmx150mm) formicarium attached magnetically (as well as by a small vinyl tubing insert) to the accompanying foraging area.  The nest is completely removable from the foraging area for easy maintenance.  


    • Medium/Large Species Chambers
    • Vermiculite Interior Substrate (+10)
    • 4x6 nest area (100mm x 150mm)
    • 8x4x4 foraging area (100mm x 100mm x 100mm)
    • Hand molded nest area with white sand interior
    • 2 XL Water Towers inside nest (filled outside of nest).
    • Premium Desert Mt. Decor (+5)


Mini Labyrinth (Lime 104 Vermiculite)

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