• Mini Labyrinth (Bone 6400)(Vermiculite)

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    *For a full description of the Tar Heel Ants Labyrinth formicarium click here.

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    ***This formicarium has a vermiculite interior, replacing the normal sand interior for this habitat.  Vermiculite is sterile, inorganic material, and retains moisture well.  Various studies show it has beneficial properties for egg-rearing in some animals and has a naturalistic look that fits well aesthetically within a formicarium .  Vermiculite has been in use at Tar Heel Ants in our foraging areas for the past decade in our habitats.***(+$20)

    ***Canyon Foraging Area - Elevated Perch*** (+25) - This elevated feeding area gives the ants a natural climbing surface (roots) up to a platform where they can be seen closer to the lid.  For several species we have kept and used in habitats with this feature, the ants have focused more of their foraging activity around the platforms.  This aids in the ability to perform maintenance and feeding activity, while bringing you closer to the action while your colonies are feeding.  Each experience will vary with difference species and colony sizes.  We welcome feedback based on your own experiences  with this feature to tarheelants@gmail.com.***

    This smaller version of the Labyrinth formicarium.  The Mini Labyrinth formicarium is a 4"x6" (100mmx150mm) formicarium attached magnetically (as well as by a small vinyl tubing insert) to the accompanying foraging area.  The nest is completely removable from the foraging area for easy maintenance.  


    • 4x6 nest area (100mm x 150mm)
    • 8x4x4 foraging area (100mm x 100mm x 100mm)
    • Hand molded nest area with white sand interior
    • 2 XL Water Towers inside nest (filled outside of nest).
    • Decor (Per Photo)
    • Medium/Large Species Chambers
    • Decor Per Photo

     ***By ordering this product you will receive the exact formicarium shown in the accompanying photos***

Mini Labyrinth (Bone 6400)(Vermiculite)

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