• Mini Hearth Type III (P660 Grey)

    Tar Heel Ants

  • $ 25.00

  • Description

    Ready for Immediate Shipping, this Mini Hearth comes as shown in the photo accompanying this product.

    ***New Modular Design (for more information click this (link)***


    • This design was made in order to help queens and young colonies that may appear more on the "nervous" end of the spectrum when disturbed.  The 3/4 partition in the center essentially divides the chamber in two and aids in keeping the colony calmer during maintenance.  Designed originally for Pogonomyrmex occidentalis founding queens.
    • Nestmate - this Mini Hearth ($5 value) comes with a nestmate (See photo).  For more information on this feature, watch this video
    • Foraging Area Décor (as seen in photo)
    • Museum Glass optional

    Included with this purchase is a syringe for hydration, Mini Hearth PDF guide, nestmate and stoppers, lid, and magnetic glass panel.

    NOTE : (View the original Mini Hearth product here.) Please note, the Mini Hearth has recently changed and now had modular features on each side that allows for the user to add additional Mini Hearths as expansion nests via magnetic ports.  This is a standard feature and no options are required to add this feature.

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