• Mini Hearth, Original (Bifurcated, 2-sided)

    Tar Heel Ants

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  • Description

    Ready for Immediate Shipping, this Mini Hearth comes as shown in the photo accompanying this product.

    ***2 sided!  This is a rare addition to the Mini Hearths.  Comes with 2 sets of magnetic glass.  The double-sided Mini Hearth provides additional opportunity for lighting and photos in addition to increased normal viewing. (+20)

    ****Bifurcated Mini Hearth - 2 levels - This is optimal for tiny and small ants, SOME medium ants as well.  Not recommended for larger ant species**** (+$14)  This is a large area for a colony of tiny or small ants!  The extra level will be appreciated!

    • Nestmate - this Mini Hearth ($5 value) comes with a nestmate (See photo).  For more information on this feature, watch this video
    • Foraging Area Décor As Seen In Photo (Wood also included if decor is seen as rock and plant)
    • Museum Glass optional

    Included with this purchase is a syringe for hydration, Mini Hearth PDF guide(by email request), nestmate and stoppers, lid, and magnetic glass panel.

    View the original Mini Hearth product here.

Mini Hearth, Original (Bifurcated, 2-sided)

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