• Lair (red 1)(vermiculite)

    Tar Heel Ants

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  • Description

    The Lair formicarium is specifically designed for Myrmecocystus spp., a horizontal formicarium where repletes have areas to hang from while being forced closer to the glass surfaces.  Any ant species is recommended for the formicarium in addition, which has two water towers .


    • 4x4" nest space
    • Small/Medium Ant Species Tunnels and Chambers
    • 2 water towers (15 ml capacity)
    • 1 3/8 expansion port for connecting to other habitats/foraging areas
    • magnetically attached glass
    • optional feature sets such as vermiculite interior, species size, magnetically attached foraging areas (not recommended for Myrmecocystus spp.) are available via custom order
Lair (red 1)(vermiculite)

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