• Labyrinth/Aerie Foraging Area Combo (Version 1)

    Tar Heel Ants

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    ***Includes magnetically attached formicarium***(see photos)

    This new foraging area design from Tar Heel Ants features aerial perch areas to focus your ants attention for feeding and foraging along various platforms and connections.  The emphasis of this design is on creating more foraging spaces at a higher elevation area in the box space.  This provides additional surface area for ants to foraging on, and a second/third level of areas for feeding dishes.

    ***Features Cast Acrylic, Museum Quality Box with magnetic lid and removable access panel for maintenance.  This material has a scratch resistant coating.***


    • 4x6" magnetically attached formicarium with stone decorated outer panel
    • 2 water towers
    • 8x8x8" box dimensions
    • 2 feeding dishes, plug(s) included
    • Removable Access Panel (4x4")
    • Desert Décor style (per photo)
    • This version does not include a nestmate.  Please use a liquid feeder/ regular feeding to keep your ants hydrated.
Labyrinth/Aerie Foraging Area Combo (Version 1)

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