• Museum Quality Box Foraging Area, Medium (Custom 1)

    Tar Heel Ants

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    • 8x8x8 Museum Quality Acrylic Box w/magnetic lid (+$85)
    • Hand-Crafted Decor set with our highest quality materials
    • Optional additional holes for connection (You tell us where you want them and what size....).  Standard is a single 1/2" port through the substrate "wall".
    • Sealed for even the tiniest of ant species, we use these boxes for a small Lasius species currently.
    • Higher Feeding location to place multiple feeding dishes and feeders.  This allows the ants to be closer to the viewing areas (lids and walls) while feeding, aiding in photo and video specifically.
    • For reference, this is referred to as the Higherock Foraging Theme
Museum Quality Box Foraging Area, Medium (Custom 1)

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