• Hearth (252 Aqua)(2-sided)(GLOW)

    Tar Heel Ants

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    ***This product is available for immediate shipping and is shown in the accompanying product photos.***

    ***GLOW formicarium - This formicarium interior is coated with a special "Glow-In-The-Dark Material".  This does not disturb the ant colony, and is safe according to our extensive testing of ants within these habitats.  The GLOW effect is best charged with a "black light" for several minutes prior to turning off lighting."

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    • Nest is 2.5" x 8" (75mm x 200mm)
    • Interior Decor (Khaki Interior)
    • Decor (Per Photo)
    • Color (Per Photo)
    • 2 XL water towers
    • Type III material
    • Museum Glass Optional

    Below are photos of part our oldest Camponotus chromaiodes colony spread across a Hearth and Casita (not shown).  The Hearth has large chambers that allow for great video and photo opportunities of this  and other larger species.

Hearth (252 Aqua)(2-sided)(GLOW)

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