• Fortress Type III (HL109 Grey 1)

    Tar Heel Ants

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  • Description

    Holiday Sales Formicarium

    See this fortress link for more information about this formicarium.


    • White Interior
    • Grey Exterior
    • Type III material 
    • Medium/Large Chambers
    • Obsidian Decor
    • Museum Glass Optional - 95% glare reduction (Shown in photo)
    • Removable Vent optional

    What comes in the box?  Fortress formicarium (as seen in photos), nestmate, mini liquid feeder, 2 stoppers, connection tube, feeding dish, syringe for hydration.


    ***Type III Material - This formicarium is Type III material designed to be harder than Ytong and more resistant to destructive ant species such as "fire ants" and "pavement ants".  It is also very good for a variety of other ants including Camponotus spp., Lasius spp., Formica spp., Aphaenogaster spp., Crematogaster spp., among many others.

Fortress Type III (HL109 Grey 1)

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