• Fallen Fortess (Grey 7)

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    ***Ordering the product on this page you will receive the exact formicarium in the photos accompanying this product page.  This formicarium has already been made and can be modified only with the options for glass type and removable vent lid.***

    The Fallen Fortress is a formicarium design from Tar Heel Ants.  This design for your ant colonies features a 4x4x4" foraging area magnetically attached to the back of a 4x4x2 inch nest.  This is a very similar design to our popular Fortress formicarium.


     The video below is a tutorial and review video done by a 3rd party user.  It was done using the Fortress formicarium which is almost identical in design overall.




    • nestmate
    •  Large Water Tower (15 ml capacity) 
    • Magnetically Removable Glass
    • Detachable Foraging Area
    • Micro-fine stainless steel mesh vent
    • Professionally molded nest (Type III)
    • Type III Material

    What comes in the box?

    • Mini Liquid Feeder
    • Syringe for hydration (blunt tip)
    • Feeding Dish
    • Nest and Foraging Area
    • Stopper for connection port
    • Nestmate and stopper


    Removable vent - The removable vent is best explained by calling it a "lid on a lid".  This second lid is removable via magnets from the main lid.  The purpose is to provide easy access to the foraging area to drop in food items.  This is especially helpful when your habitat contains lots of hungry ants (perhaps it was too long since they were fed....) that are climbing on the upper parts of the foraging area walls.


    Museum Glass - You will notice the difference every time you visit with your ant colony. Museum glass looks invisible!  95% glare reduction.



Fallen Fortess (Grey 7)

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