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    The Discus formicarium is a saucer-like, Type III formicarium from Tar Heel Ants.  Discus features a large water tower and ledges in a large interior chamber.  This formicarium is for founding queens and small colonies and is not recommended for tiny ant species.


    The intended use for both are to provide the ant keeper with a "birds-eye" view of the colony similar to the Inception Chamber habitats.  The ledges and sheltered areas of the formicarium are easily viewable through slight turning and with the aid of a light source.  These areas provide honey pot ants (ants of the genus "Myrmecocystus") the much needed ledges to hang from and other species that are very shy a place to found their colonies with a bit of shelter from light.


    • 5" Diameter Nest Block with optional connection port size (1/4", 3/8", or 1/2")

    • Large Water Tower (Screen covered apparatus inside habitat for humidity)

    • Sand-coated interior, brown or white optional

    • Foraging Area optional

    • Acrylic tops

    ***This formicarium is made-to-order, unless otherwise specified on our Ready To Ship pages.  Please allow 10-14 days for completion prior to shipping.***


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