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    The Dire Pinnacle is a four-sided formicarium from Tar Heel Ants.  These formicaria are premium formicaria that all come built inside a high-quality and professionally made acrylic box w/lid.  The lids are made from the same acrylic.  Ventilation holes are located on each lid and covered with stainless steel micro-fine mesh (ants cannot escape).


    • Container size is 12" long, 7" wide, 10" tall (300mm x 175mm x 250mm)
    • Dire Pinnacle Formicarium
    • Crystal clear acrylic lid
    • Professionally carved and naturally dyed Ytong nest
    • Optional Foraging Area Decor (use drop-down options)
    • Connection hole (1/2" standard) 
    • 4 Large Water Towers (Screen covered apparatus inside habitat for humidity)
    • Syringe for hydration
    • Black silicone stopper
    Watch the following YouTube playlist for more information on Tar Heel Ants formicarium options:
    Here are some links to the individual options videos: 



    Using natural dyes from the earth, Tar Heel Ants has developed a method of dying Ytong called "flash dying" that provides an even and consistent color to your nest.

    Décor Style:

    Desert Style: White sand with several desert style plants and 1-2 rocks

    Rocky Desert: Same as “Desert Style” but with 3-4 rocks and 1-2 plants

    Forest Underbrush: 3-4 forest plants and 1-2 rocks. Twigs and sticks are added where possible.

    Rocky Woodland: Same as “Forest Underbrush” but with more rocks and less plants. THA substrate is used (looks more like “dirt”, not sand). Twigs and sticks are added where possible.

    Please see video link above for more on the Decor Styles.

    Chamber/ Species Size: Please make your selection on whether your colony is small, medium, or large size for your Dire Pinnacle to suit them best.  We will carve tunnels and chambers for your nest based on the information you provide here.  If there is additional information about species size (example - "I keep Messor sp. and my queen is much larger than my workers", queen is 18mm)

    Premium - Special Customization will make the addition of Glass on all four sides, removable by special cutouts.  This option can add between 2-4 weeks of contruction time as the parts must be special ordered.  

    Solenopsis invicta colony inside a Dire Pinnacle Formicarium:

     PLEASE NOTE: The product completion time for this formicaria varies based upon supplies and many other factores.  Due to the high degree of difficulty and increased amount of time when compared to our other formicaria, accurate completion times are difficult to assess.  Please contact us for any questions about this product.  A loose estimation of completion is 6-8 weeks or more during busy periods for the Dire Pinnacle.  Expedited completion is available with a 20% fee (minimum $10) as with any of our formicaria.  We make everything to order, unless otherwise stated.  Please contact us at tarheelants@gmail.com for more details on completion and delivery times.

Dire Pinnacle

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