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    Devolve Chambers are a formicarium design for founding queens to begin their colony.  The simple design of a single, small water tower inside a small petri-dish style setup works excellent for Camponotus species and Formica species.  During our research with Camponotus chromaiodes and Camponotus castaneus we have found these habitats to have the ideal humidity conditions for a founding queen.  These formicaria are intended for medium and large size species.

    What do they come with?  Blunt-tip syringe, stopper, foraging area (based on quantity selected) and tubing to fit between foraging area/nest.

    Some possible benefits over standard test tubes:

    • We found our Camponotus chromaiodes queens raised in these setups had quicker time from eggs to workers then test tube setups
    • We found Camponotus chromaiodes queens raised in these setups had larger worker counts at the end of year one than in those we studied in test tube setups.
    • We never had to move queens from their original chamber during this time (we recommend the attached foraging area once workers arrive!)


    • 3" diameter petri-style habitat w/lid
    • 1 Magnetically connectable feeding dishes
    • 3/8" tubing insert
    • 1 plastic plugs
    • Small Water Tower (Screen covered apparatus inside habitat for humidity)
    • 3/8" connection port standard (other sizes optional)
    • Fits inside many of our habitats for easy moving (Fortress formicarium, Phalanx formicarium, Nucleus formicarium etc.)
    • Tar Heel Ants preferred substrate - vermiculite (we prefer because it has outperformed other substrates during our in-house testing and research) 

     ****The Devolve Chamber is an item we keep low stock of, and we make them to order like many of our other products.  If you order multiple Devolve Chambers, we will need time to craft them before shipping and this takes 7-14 days on average.  Expedited orders are possible in some situations but please inquire by calling or emailing us before ordering for confirmation on shipping dates for larger orders.*****

Devolve Chamber

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