• Casita III (Custom Build, Dark Blue 102)

    Tar Heel Ants

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    ***Casita Type III - Custom Build***

    ***30% Off For May***

    ***What Makes This Casita III Different?  These are made with a particular build/ant keeper in mind.  This Casita has three-sides and one water tower.  Two sides are water-tower free, however, additional nestmates have been added (4 for each formicarium).  This build is targeted for larger ant colonies of larger species that do not rely as heavily on humidity (Camponotus spp, Formica spp., for example) once a colony sizes reaches a stage beyond the founding stage.***

    ***This formicarium is the exact one shown in the photos on this product page.  Once purchased this product will ship generally in 2-3 business days.***

    Please visit this link for full details on the Casita Type III formicarium.


    • White Sand Interior/Bone Exterior
    • Foraging Decor As Seen In Photos
    • Medium/Large chambers - 3 levels
    • White Sand Interior
    • 4 Nestmates (+12.5)
    • 3 sides (+20)
    • 1 water towers
    • Museum Glass Optional
    • Add-On Package Optional


Casita III (Custom Build, Dark Blue 102)

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