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    The Casita Type III is a new formicarium from Tar Heel Ants.  This nest is ideal for small species that are consider "escape artisits" along with other ant species. The Casita II ant habitat is based off the original Casita design (product link here).  

    ***This is now a Type III formicarium***

    Please Note:  The photos of the Casita Type III show a nest made for tiny ant species.  The number of levels for a medium and large species Casita Type III will be 3 (not 4 as seen in photos) due to the larger space required per level for these ants.

    The Casita II standard option set includes:

    • a two-sided nest
    • 4x4x4" (100mm x 100mm x 100mm) nest block
    • 4x4x4" (100mm x 100mm x 100mm)  foraging area on top
    • 2 X-large water towers
    • professionally molded naturalistic tunnels and chambers
    • magnetically removable glass


    • 3rd side
    • nestmates
    • museum glass
    • foraging area decor
    • museum quality foraging area

    Painting: Standard Painting for the Casita Type III is as seen in photos.  The nest sides are not painted.  We will paint these at no charge on request.  The reason for this is to provide for a more naturalistic look as well as to provide an unpainted, flat surface for the glass to rest upon for maximum escape prevention.  For species of average small size or larger (BEWARE some "small" ant species have tiny-sized caste members such as Pheidole sp. and Solenopsis sp.) the painting will not be a concern when it comes to this so request the painting of these two surfaces in the comments box during checkout. 

    The Casita Type III is a Type III nest which means we use a different base material for the ants home.  This material is much stronger than our Type I (Ytong) material and holds higher humidity due to the absorbtion rate of the nest and other properties.  Thus we recommend this nest for ants in need of a higher humidity environment such as Aphaenogaster sp., Brachymyrmex sp., Pogonomyrmex sp., among others.  If you use the Casita II for ants that prefer dryer nests such as Camponotus sp., Lasius sp., Formica sp. we recommend using the option boxes to add nestmates to the Casita II you are ordering.  This will allow you to use the nestmates as ventilation points and create a more defined moisture gradient within the nest for your dryer-inclined species. Thus using these options and others the Casita II is a formicarium suitable for all ant species!

    What comes in the box with your Casita Type III?  Stoppers, nest unit and foraging area (one piece), syringe and blunt-tip adapter, feeding dish, and other accessories where needed (nestmates, add-ons etc.).  We also will email out a Casita PDF instruction guide.

    Price Elevation:  The Casita Type III originally costs $20 more than the Casita I (2017).  This elevated price is due mainly to time involved in the creation of the Type III nests as well as some materials as well.  While we do not consider the Casita Type III to be superior in the keeping of the majority of ant species it is a harder material and capable of achieving higher humidity than the Type I Casita.  In the end the choice is yours as to which Casita you prefer!  We currently use both!




Casita (Type III)

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