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    ***All colonies include queen, brood pile, and workers.  PDF Care Guide is also included with your order.***
    ***Click here to see more information on the Fallen Fortress formicarium included in this package***

    States That Camponotus modoc can be sent to (permits included with shipment):

    Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

     Your permit will arrive with your order. (Please note: Without proper permits from the seller (us), it is not legal to have this species shipped across state lines in the U.S.  If you are not in one of the states listed above, you must have a PPQ-526 permit to purchase them and have them shipped to you.  Contact USDA PPQ permitting office for more information on these regulations.  Shipping to other countries is possible in some instances, Tar Heel Ants has export permits from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife to accommodate countries that permit importation of these ants with proper documentation.  Email us for more information at tarheelants@gmail.com. 

    General information

    Camponotus modoc is almost always found in rotten wood cavities in its native range (see list of states above) from Canada all the way down to Mexico, and throughout much of the western half of the U.S.  Colonies can survive in considerably cold environments at higher elevations as well as very warm areas in forests.  Colonies can achieve very large sizes of 50,000 or more workers.  This species does have major workers as well as several other sizes of workers smaller in size (minor workers).  This species is very similar to Camponotus pennsylvanicus and Camponotus herculeanus.

    General Care Requirements

    Feeding - Flightless Fruit Flies (Recommended Strongly), Dubia roaches, Mealworms, and Crickets for protein.  Sweet liquids - Apple Slices and organic honey-water (80-20 mixture).  Heating to 80-85 degrees for a portion of the day, or by heating a small area of the formicarium with a heating cable or heating pad.  Heating for longer periods of time over 78-80 degrees is not recommended without cooling periods!!!  These ants are capable of growing at cooler temperatures than many other U.S. species of Camponotus. 

    Shipping Information

    We typically ship ants and bundles including ants on Monday, Tuesday and Saturdays with some exceptions.  If you live in a neighboring state where shipping is 1-2 days, we can ship Wednesday or Thursday, but almost never ship ants on Friday without specific arrangements to do so through email or phone communication.

    We offer heat and ice pack options, so please use these if you expect them to be helpful to the safe arrival of your ant colony.  We do check national and local temperatures prior to each shipment, and will contact you should there be need for further communication about your delivery due to weather complications.  If temperatures are 90-110 Fahrenheit, ice packs will only help for a short time.  Please plan ahead and setup notifications to your phone or email address with your tracking information we send to you upon completion of your order.  Boxes left out in the sun with live ants should be brought inside as soon as possible.  Ice and Heat packs are for protection DURING transit, not for protection once they are dropped off.  We require you to plan for the ants to be brought inside within 30 minutes of their arrival if temperatures are below 40 Fahrenheit or above 80 Fahrenheit OR if they will be left in a sunny location.

    Fallen Fortress formicarium

    (Above) Fallen Fortress Formicarium

    How do I receive my order fast? 

    1. Go to the Ready To Ship pages, and look at the Fallen Fortress formicarium available.  

    2. When checking out, type in the model number in your checkout box (comments field), and we will ship this on the next shipping day for ants.  These are usually Monday and Saturdays, but sometimes this changes due to weather. 

    3. If you choose a different model from this page that is above 74.99, please use the custom fees on the Accessories page to add the additional funds to the shopping cart.  If you need assistance please call 919-348-3642 for help with ordering.

    What comes with the purchase of a Camponotus modoc Queen and Colony and Fallen Fortress Bundle Package?

    • Fallen Fortress Formicarium
    • Nestmate addition ($5 value- VERY important for these ants)
    • Queen, 1-5 workers, and brood.  At this time (July 2023) brood piles consist of eggs, larvae, and pupae
    • Test Tube Connector and tubing (optional) (For transfer of colony into formicarium)
    • Ants Shipped Inside Genesis Test Tube Insert For Protection During Shipping. 
    • Heat Packs or Ice Packs . (optional, please choose from options if you feel your location will require this for safe arrivial).
    • Options Chosen During Checkout Can Alter The Included List 
    • Guaranteed Live arrival! Email us at tarheelants@gmail.com immediately after receiving your ants to report any problems with delivery!  Please be ready to provide photo or video evidence of the problems so they can be used for improvement of shipping/handling the issues involved with your delivery.

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    Recommended Accessories:  Test Tube Adapater, 3/8" tubing, Featherweight Forceps, The Complete Ant Juice, Liquid Feeders.  Heating Cable.

    NOTE:  Your permit will be included with the shipment, we provide the permit!  See list of states above where we can ship Camponotus sansabeanus.

    Please Watch the videos below on the some of our formicaria features (the nestmate and water tower specifically relate to the Fallen Fortress formicarium. This video will show some of the common features of Tar Heel Ants formicaria and the proper placement of the accessories included:

Camponotus modoc (5-10 workers) Fallen Fortress Bundle

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