• 4x4x4 3D Foraging Area (Custom 110)

    Tar Heel Ants

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  • Description

    This Foraging Areas Has The Following Features:

    • 4x4x4 Dimensions, vented lid
    • 2 3/8" openings (one for connection to other habitats, one for nestmate)
    • nestmate and stopper
    • stopper for opening(s)
    • 1 foot of tubing for connection
    • Decor and color as seen in photos on this page


    Similar to the Canyon Foraging Themes that exist as options with some products, the "3D" description of this foraging areas indicates the following:

    • All attachments are through the Type III material, no open holes.  This means tubing is held more securely by the foraging area, and can mean a more naturalistic feel when viewing ants passing into the foraging area.
    • Nestmate attachment - One of the openings is angled, and a nestmate is included with the foraging area to be used in this opening.  Please watch the following video (first couple of minutes) to learn how to fill nestmates properly, and other recommendations on when/how to use them  Nestmate Video Link
    • Elevated Areas for feeding dishes.  These raised areas add additional surface areas for ants to explore and move around.  This has the potential to change the foraging area of your ants, depending on species.  For example: Feeding a Camponotus pennsylvanicus colony (5th year), these ants do not remain on the elevated areas after food dishes are removed.  This makes it easier to clean and add more feeding dishes to the raised areas.  
4x4x4 3D Foraging Area (Custom 110)

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