• Inception Chamber (Custom 18)

    Tar Heel Ants

  • $ 40.99

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  • Description

    Purchasing this product you will receive the exact formicarium seen in the accompanying product photos.  For more information on the Inception Chamber (3") click here.

    GLOW FORMICARIUM - This Inception Chamber has a material applied to the surface (100% completely ant-safe) that "absorbs light".  Once charged by normal light conditions, or with the use of Black Lighting, this material holds a charge from 1-5 hours depending on the amount of time charged and the strength of the light.  For best results use together with Black Lighting.


    • Small/Medium Species
    • Acrylic Top
    • Rock Decor
    • Open Chamber - Water Tower In Foraging Area
    • Glow (+$5)(See Photo)

    What comes with your Inception Chamber?

    • Hydration Tool
    • Black rubber stopper
    • feeding dish
Inception Chamber (Custom 18)

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