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    Click HERE to view our Ready-Made Mini Hearths.                                                     

    The Mini Hearth is a beginner formicarium created by Tar Heel Ants.  This founding-style habitat for ants is intended for all species and all sizes (see below for options for some smaller/tiny ant species). 

    With a refill time (hydration maintenance) for our Water Towers included in the Mini Hearth of 3-4 weeks or longer this formicarium is ideal for beginners and experienced alike.  A key feature of the Mini Hearth is the magnetic connection ports located on the right and left side for future expansion and options for moving the colony when they outgrow their habitat.  The magnets also allow you to connect your Mini Hearth to this version as well as the XL and XXL versions (not Bifurcated).

    In addition to the Mini Hearth versions on our website (XL, XXL, and Bifurcated are also available as separate products on our website), there are many possible variations for the Mini Hearth.  These variations are available as custom requests to help house the many thousands of ant species around the world.  Some variations include features commonly requested by users such as lower ceilings for small/tiny ants (also see Bifurcated Mini Hearth specifically designed for these smaller ant species) and dual-sided Mini Hearths for maximum visibility and lighting options. 


      • NEW - Expandable/Modular - Each short side of the Mini Hearth has magnets.  These connect to other Mini Hearths with this feature.  Multiple units can be connected together to form a larger formicarium.  All Mini Hearths with this feature can be used In this way.  Other Mini Hearths without this feature can be connected using 3/8" tubing to the modular Mini Hearths.
      • Removable glass - Museum Glass optional
      • Detachable foraging area - Side Foraging Only
      • Large Water Tower™ (Screen covered apparatus inside habitat for humidity)
      • Optional Foraging Area Placement Side or Top Positioned (drop-down menu)- Please note that side foraging areas do have one wall up to the top of the lid, reducing the ability to contain ants using fluon.
      • Sand-coated or vermiculite coated interior chamber
      • Golden-brown or White Sand optional for interior
      • Painted exterior
      • Stalactite decor on chamber ceiling
      • 3/8" Side connection ports
      • Foraging Area Decor Optional
      • Nestmates Optional ( Watch nestmate video) - NOTE: Choosing "No Nestmate" will only mean you do not receive the actual nestmate apparatus, the hole will still be included with a plug to fill this opening.
      • Dimensions approximately 3.5" x 1.75" x 2"

      ****Each Mini Hearth ordered on this page (you choosing colors, decor, and other features) takes 10-14 days (average) to complete before being shipped.  We make everything to order, unless otherwise stated.  Please note this time during our busy season can increase dramatically (up to 3 weeks sometimes).  Please contact us at tarheelants@gmail.com for more details on completion and delivery times.

      ***Pdf file is available for this formicarium, please email us at tarheelants@gmail.com for an emailed copy***

        The New Modular Mini Hearth Features Are Covered In The Following Video:

        The Ant Network Did a Review Video On The Mini Hearth: 

        Watch this short video clip of a Solenopsis invicta colony in an old-style Mini Hearth that has outgrown formicarium...


          What comes with a Mini Hearth?

          Mini Hearth formicarium, stopper for connection port, blunt-tipped syringe for hydration and PDF user guide and instructions.

                                 *Camponotus chromaiodes queen and her 1 year-old founding colony





        Mini Hearth

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