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    Tar Heel Ants

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    Designed specifically for "honey pot" or Myrmecocystus species, the Lair has special areas/chambers that provide an overhang for repletes (and other ants) to hang from.  This will assist in keeping the types of ants that have repletes in a flat formicarium.  This formicarium is also expected to provide a good habitat for all other species in the founding stage (not including fungus gardeners, we do not recommend this formicarium for those ants).


    4x4 nest area

    4x4x4 foraging area attached via tubing (magnetic attachment optional, not recommended for Myrmeococystus spp.)

    Type III material (proprietary blend of materials features in our Type III formicaria and foraging areas)

    Magnetically attached glass panel (Museum Glass Optional)

    2 Large Water Towers™

    White Sand, Red Sand, Golden Brown Sand, or Vermiculite Interior

    Video coming soon!  We will be featuring several of our Myrmecocystus spp. in the video, as well as Pogonomyrmex barbatus in a Lair formicarium.


Lair Formicarium

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