• Genesis Test Tube Inserts

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    ***Each Genesis Test Tube Insert Comes With A Free Test Tube***

    Genesis Test Tube Inserts are a new ant keeping accessory product from Tar Heel Ants.  This test tube accessory provides a lower environment for ants to thrive on while being raised inside a test tube environment.  The Genesis only fits test tubes sold at www.tarheelants.com.  

    The purpose of the Genesis is to counter some of the pitfalls with using test tubes as a primary method for raising ants.  Flooding issues are greatly mitigated when using the Genesis as our Type III absorbent material slides over the rounded glass floor of the test tube and replaces it with a flat, absorbent material for the ants to rest on (see photos).  Another benefit to the Genesis is that ants no longer will be forced to place brood upon the cool surface of the glass tube.

    We recommend the Genesis Test Tube Feeder (see photos) in addition as a complementary accessory for raising ants in test tubes.

Genesis Test Tube Inserts

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