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    Click HERE to see our Ready-To-Ship Bifurcated Mini Hearths.

    The Mini Hearth (Bifurcated) is built for tiny, small, and some medium sized species (Aphaenogaster sp. and some Myrmica sp. etc.).  This is a founding chamber like the traditional Mini Hearth with a shorter ceiling and an additional level sandwiched in between the main level and the foraging area .


    • Large Water Tower (Screen covered apparatus inside habitat for humidity)
    • Nestmate (optional) NOTE: Choosing "No Nestmate" will only mean you do not receive the actual nestmate apparatus, the hole will still be included with a plug to fill this opening.
    • 3/8" connection port on side
    • Museum Glass optional
    • Foraging area décor optional
    • Foraging area substrate optional

    "Some of my absolute favorite ant species are of the tiny and small variety.  This formicarium offers an opportunity to raise these species in a setting where they can choose from a range of different moisture levels and cavern-like spaces.  We have raised one of our best Monomorium minimum colonies ever in this formicarium and have several other queens starting out exceptionally well in them."

     Having raised small ants for as long as I have been involved with ants, my experiences have shown that due to their tiny size they are simply not comfortable in open areas such as test tubes, large open founding chambers, etc.  Only a few tiny and small species can adapt to large, open area conditions even with extremely high humidity.  Based on these experiences I feel confident in suggesting that a the trade-off you may find at times (we still maximize every viewing angle as much as possible) between maximize visibility and ideal starting conditions will be well worth being able to keep some species that are simply too difficult to raise in other founding habitats due to the small size of some ant species.  

    ***Like all of our custom-made formicaria (Exceptions are those on the Ready-To-Ship pages----link above) this formicarium (Mini Hearth - Bifurcated) takes 7-10 days to complete normally but during the busy season it takes 2-3 weeks on average (May through August, and December).  Please check out the Ready-To-Ship pages for faster service with this formicarium.  We will do everything we can to get your order out as soon as possible, and thank you for your patience!***

Mini Hearth (Bifurcated)

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