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    Piece of Haven (2016 Version) is an upgraded edition of Tar Heel Ants original Piece of Haven ant habitat (formicarium).  This is a small "desktop" formicarium intended for small colonies of ants, yet larger species of ants can use these as founding formicaria (Camponotus spp., Formica spp., etc.) and smaller species can use them as larger permanent homes.  The removable glass feature for this handmade formicarium allows for easy maintenance. The following features are incorporated into the Piece of Haven, 2016 version:

    • 4-level professionally carved Ytong ant nest (see photos) 4"x4"x4"  (100mm x 100mm x 100mm)
    • Magnetically Removable Glass panel
    • Naturally dyed Ytong stone
    • Foraging area is 4"x4"x4"  (100mm x 100mm x 100mm)
    • Painted and gloss-hardened side panels
    • Rubber "feet" 
    • Water Tower for hydration with access port outside of nest for easy maintenance
    • Optional decor styles (drop-down menu)
    • Optional museum glass (drop-down menu)
    • Sand-coated chambers
    • Acrylic seal on glass for reduced airflow and additional containment for tiny ant species

    ***Please note: Ordering the formicarium on this page you are ordering a hand-made-to-order formicarium.  Planning, preparation, and a lot of care go into every single formicarium, every single order.  We strive to get your orders completed as soon as possible. Most small formicaria (founding formicaria plus some like the Casita, Piece of Haven etc.) are shipped within 7-14 days.  Other larger formicaria such as the Pioneer and Pinnacle take 3-4 weeks or longer on average.  Our peak season is from May to September and during this time these estimates can double.

     If you have a need for fast delivery we offer you to take advantage of the expediting service and email us at tarheelants@gmail.com for more information about this option. 


Piece of Haven, 2016 Version

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