• Medium Foraging Area (9x5x5)

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    Ants need more space in captivity in many cases, although smaller foraging areas are sometimes all you have room for on your table space.  This foraging area design provides plenty of additional space for small and large ant colonies alike.  This foraging area is the smallest foraging area with the Canyon-Style Option.   


    Decor Styles:  See this video link (links to our Youtube channel) for additional visuals beyond the photos on this page.  We do take custom requests for decor such as "minimal" , "no decor", or "heavy" decor.  Email tarheelants@gmail.com for more information.

    Connection ports: Each foraging area comes with a standard port for connecting to your habitats with tubing.  The standard port sizes are 3/8" for most of our formicaria, although some of them do require 1/2".  No worries if you have a different size opening in yours, the tubing does snap together (1/2" slides into 3/8" slides into 1/4" etc.).

    Removable Vent: This option (see 2nd photo of lid) comes with a 2nd, magnetically removable lid, on top of the main lid.  This is helpful when dealing with crowded foraging areas, stinging ants, or quick access to return stray workers without removing the main lid.

Medium Foraging Area (9x5x5)

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