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    New Zealand Natural Honeys – Honey is a favorite food for feeding pet ant colonies world-wide.  For years we searched for a trusted source of honey that would not only provide a chemical and pesticide free food for our ants, but would also provide them with key nutrients.  This natural honey from New Zealand was carefully selected and tested over an 18 month period with our own colonies.  During this time we raised a higher percentage of successful Camponotus colonies than ever before using New Zealand honeys, fruit flies, and crickets as primary foods.  We feel strongly that the honeys available on our website played a strong role in that success.

    Size: 2 dram vial (8 ml)

    • Beechwood Honey -  New Zealand Beechwood Honey comes from the sap of the trees.  Raw and unpasteurized honey.

    How much honey do I feed my colony?  Most people have small ant colonies so normally very tiny amounts at first will allow you to see how much honey your ants consume or how hungry they are.  Try a tiny droplet or a single drop for larger colonies first and then offer more once they have consumed your first offering.  We recommend feeding a similar amount once per week at minimum for small colonies and more frequently for larger colonies.  This food is not meant to "fill" your colonies stomachs, but aid in keeping the colony healthy with a variety of natural food as choices.

    Do I need to refrigerate my New Zealand Honey?  No.  You do need to keep the lid on, however, and avoid contaminating the honey by using dirty utensils for sampling or stirring. 

    ****This honey arrives in small amounts.  We recommend serving as honey mixed with warm water or in very, very small amounts of pure honey.  This is not meant to be an only food source for your ant colonies so use this food in combination with other natural foods as part of your ants diet.  Tar Heel Ants Complete Ant Juice supplement is also available for use as a supplement to your ants diet.  Other recommend foods are organic fruits (apples), fruit flies, crickets, mealworms, etc.  

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