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    Tar Heel Ants

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    ***This product page includes 2 nestmates when added to your shopping cart

    3/8" - These fit all nestmate options on our website 

    Nestmates are a product used for Tar Heel Ants formicaria to aid in the control of humidity, hydration, and ventilation of pet ant colonies.

    The Nestmates listed here are 3/8" diameter tubing with one end covered with stainless steel mesh screening.   Each comes with a stopper. For other sizes or replacements for the Atom B, Atom Nests please email us at tarheelants@gmail.com.

    For proper filling instruction for your nestmates, please review the following video at 3:30:

    Recommended use for the nestmates is to fill them with water and insert them into your formicaria nest ports as needed.  Some formicaria come with nestmates installed already while our older formicaria may need retrofitting with the aid of a drill.  In the event your formicaria needs additional ventilation, the nestmates can be inserted screen side first (after removing the water and plug) and air will pass through the screen freely allowing moisture to leave.  

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