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    Fluon, (or PTFE-30) is used widely for its ability to contain insects and prevent them from climbing smooth surfaces where Fluon (PTFE-30) has been applied.  

    2 oz. bottles, 16 oz. bottles, and 128 oz. bottles are pure PTFE-30.  These larger quantities are intended for laboratory/research environments or hobbyists with a large collection of ant colonies.  

    NOTE: The 2 dram vials of Fluon from www.tarheelants.com are pre-mixed with water.  This mixture is our recommended solution for ant hobbyists. The 2 dram vial size is adequate for one or a few smaller habitats for a very long time!

    Application Tips:  Using a cotton ball or cotton swab rub the top one inch (or less in smaller habitats) of your foraging area or other container in a circular motion.  Only a modest amount is necessary when applying each layer, we recommend three.  Dry foraging areas (<40%) will keep each fluon application healthier longer.  Reapply as needed or at minimum every 2-3 months clean with a warm microfiber towel and reapply.  For corner application push the cotton ball fully into each corner pausing briefly each time.

    Do not over-agitate the liquid.  Turn the bottle over or shake gently once every 2-3 weeks to ensure maximum product shelf-life.  

Fluon (PTFE-30)

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