• Pioneer XL Bundle (BF Grey 700)

    Tar Heel Ants

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    ***This is a Black Friday/Holiday Sales Formicarium***


    ***This Formicarium includes Museum Glass!  This is normally a $90 upgrade for this formicarium, but included as part of the Holiday 2023 Sales!***

    ***Museum Grade Box - MQ Box - This cast acrylic box is scratch resistant, has increased clarity over standard boxes, and has a magnetically removed lid.***(+125)

    ***Please Detail Out Your Options For Your XL Mini Hearth In The Comments Box At The End Of Checkout***(+70)

    ***The Pioneer XL is 33% larger and wider than the standard Pioneer***

    Click here for more information on the Pioneer Formicarium.

    What makes the Pioneer XL different?

    • 4 XL water towers
    • 4 nestmates
    • 3 levels with large chambers, good for a variety of sizes species

    Your purchasing the product depicted in the photos accompanying this product page.  It has the following features:

    • Two-Sided
    • Decor - Per Photo
    • Medium-Large Tunnels and Chambers
    • Dimensions:  15" x 4" x 4" Nest and Foraging Area
    • 4 Water Towers for humidity control
    • 4 Nestmates
    • Color - Per Photo

Pioneer XL Bundle (BF Grey 700)

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