• Casita III (3-sided)(Bone 508)

    Tar Heel Ants

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  • Description

    ***Casita Type III ***


    For more information on this product, click this link.


    Exterior Color (Per Photo)

    Foraging Area Decor (Per Photo)

    Medium/Large tunnels and chambers for Medium and Large Species - 3 levels (Tiny/Small Ant Species ---such as Tetramorium spp., Crematogaster spp., Lasius spp., Pheidole spp.,------these 4-level Casitas should be ordered from Type III Formicarium "Casita" Pages- Click Here)

    White Sand Interior

    2 Nestmates 

    3 sides

    2 water towers

    Removable Vent Optional

    Museum Glass Optional

    Add-On Package Optional


Casita III (3-sided)(Bone 508)

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