• The Ant Block

    Tar Heel Ants

  • $ 25.00

  • Description

    The Ant Block is exactly that!  A formicarium that feels like a bar of gold in your hands (size), this 3"x6" (75mmx150mm) block is for founding queens and small colonies.  

    What makes this formicarium different?  The Ant Block is extremely durable formicarium.  It also has high versatility as a formicarium due to its size and weight.  It is good for temporary habitat space while cleaning out larger formicaria, founding setups for a single queen or small colonies, or a permanent home for smaller species.  The Ant Block is a Type II formicarium (100% "dig" resistant).

    What comes in the box? Ant Block nest, plug, small foraging area optional (3" diameter(75mm) diameter circle or rectangular 3x1.75x1.75), and feeding dish.


    • Type II material (100% "dig" resistant)
    • Internal Water Tower
    • Magnetically removable glass cover
    • White or Brown interior Sand coating
    • Optional Museum Glass addition
    • Professionally hand-molded interior for a wide range of species sizes



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