• Test Tube Block

    Tar Heel Ants

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    Made of Ytong(AAC block) and painted and coated with a protective gloss finish, these test tube blocks are outfitted with 18,24, or 30 slots for test tubes.   These are large openings and perfect for the test tubes we sell here on the website.

    For ant keepers, keeping test tubes stationary is always a challenge without something to hold them secure.  Not only do these test tube blocks achieve that, they also keep them in the dark and the reservoir side of the test tube is insulated from sudden changes in temperature that could potentially force condensation and flooding in your colonies within.  

    Colors are optional, white blocks are still coated in a high gloss finish for a protective coating.  This protects not only the block but your hands from touching the gritty surface of Ytong.

Test Tube Block

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