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    ***California Residents Require a Permit - Email us at tarheelants@gmail.com on more information how to apply for this permit.  This permit is being granted FAST, most times within 1-2 days.  The link to the page to apply this permit is below:

    Main page: https://www.cdfa.ca.gov/plant/permitsandregs.html

    Permit Page: https://www.cdfa.ca.gov/plant/docs/forms/Form_66-026.pdf

     NOTE:If you are unable to complete a digital signature, you may print the application and either scan and email the signed form to permits@cdfa.ca.gov or fax it to 916-654-1018.

    Options For Purchase -

    • Colony sizes are 15 or 30 workers, the larger colonies with double the brood piles compared to the smaller colonies.  Care for them has been the same as far as food, the larger colonies were kept in higher temperatures and thus developed at a faster rate.  NOTE: Colony Sizes Vary Only Slightly (2-3 workers from count) and brood piles at this time are significant (10-20 advanced larvae and pupae average).


    • Formicaria recommendations:  These colonies are too large for the Mini Hearth Standard Size.  A Mini Hearth XL, Fortress Type III, Fallen Fortress Type III, Casita, Atrium, Labyrinth or Palladium Formicarium are our recommendations on designs best suited for viewing and caring for these ants.  Head over to the Ready-To-Ship (click to be taken to these pages) pages and pick out your formicarium from the products there in order to receive your ants sooner.  If you choose a custom formicarium (designing your own, choosing colors, decor options etc.) it will delay the shipment of your ants until your formicarium is completed.


    3/17/20 Update -

    These ants have made significant progress since last year.  There are two sizes of

    these (two ranges) currently.  This is changing daily so we may have to update

    this again soon.  The smaller colonies, kept around 80 degree temperatures and

    now beyond their diapause period, are 15+ workers average.  The large colonies,

    kept at 87 degree temperatures (all other things were constant) are roughly

    twice this size (30-35 workers) with twice the amount of brood.

    Shipping is only being done when weather conditions are acceptable for the two-day travel time.  It must be a forecast period above 40 degrees Fahrenheit for the entire shipping time.  Please email us for questions about ordering!  tarheelants@gmail.com.


    • Any orders received that require ants to be shipped to a location we cannot legally ship to (outside of the continential U.S.) will be immediately voided and refunded upon discovery.
    •   Additions to your order that require additional time to complete may extend your order time.  Weather plays a very important factor in our ability to ship live ants.  Please make sure you plan on being home the day of delivery or use the tracking number we emailed you to keep updated on when your package is delivered.


    Recommended product for this order (these ants require additional heating) :  Zoo Med Heating Cable 



    Shipping and other information 

    These ants are shipped in test tubes inside a puncture resistant container to prevent damage during transport.   The ants are shipped with plenty of food inside the tube for them to have a supply of 1-2 weeks or more after arrival.  It is best to move them out of the test tube without using it is a long-term habitat in order to properly heat and feed the ants without causing potential harm to them (or yourself as they do sting) during maintenance. The Pogonomyrmex occidentalis Care Guide Page is posted on our website under the Guides heading.  Also, a small seed packet (1-2 month supply approximately) is sent with your colony


    Further Information 

    As of August 9th, 2019 Pogonomyrmex occidentalis, aka "western harvester ant"  became the first species of ant deregulated by the USDA for transport across state lines inside the contiguous U.S. states. More information on this can be found by clicking here.

    Queens and colonies sold through this page are hand-picked from our stock daily (rotated up and down daily from the top 5%).  We have a large number of queens we are raising and are working constantly improving techniques to raise these ants.  By following some specific guidelines for maintenance and care (seeds, heating during growth season, etc.) these ants can turn into thriving pet ant colonies.



    Warranty:  The delivery of these ants alive is guaranteed.  Having said that, you are expected to make arrangements to be available to receive your ants if the temperature is too warm or too cold on the day of arrival.    If there is any problem with delivery you must contact us immediately by email or phone.  After the ants arrive we cannot guarantee their survival.  We have put significant time and energy into putting together advice on how to best raise them so please read the PDF thoroughly.  Email us at tarheelants@gmail.com with comments or questions.


Pogonomyrmex occidentalis Colonies

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